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[MyTicket scanner] Error processing server response

I am experiencing a technical issue with the ticket scanning process. Upon scanning a ticket,

"Error processing server response. Make sure there are no errors fr...", "Error: Value [] at order_meta of type org.json.JSONArray cannot..." 

messages are displayed.

The response I got in Postmen:

current status
\u0422\u0440\u0430\u0432\u043d\u044f, 2024"},{"id":433,"key":"time","value":"8:00

I kindly request your assistance in resolving this matter.

plugin Seat Mapping / Reservation

I want a technical guide for this plugin Seat Mapping / Reservation Setup Service

Seems like there is ZERO SUPPORT

Seems like this is a problematic theme with hardly any support. Big hype but seems like support is non-existent with buyers fending for themselves.

Having problem in admin panel

Please help me its an important work

Having problem in admin panel

Please help me its an important work

I have a question ...

I'm about to go to iPhone 14 Pro Max and I have had this app for along time and I'm hoping that I can down load it to iPhone is that possible? Or do you have something similar in the iPhone App Store ?

Thank you for your time.

Lisa W. Weldon


Im trying to transfer my RALOCO NOTES from one phone to my other phone and when I click on SYNCHRONIZATION a wheel like thing just spins in a circle and Ive left it going for about 2 hours and nothing has transfer from one phone to this phone? Am I doing something wrong? Thank you for all your help...

Queries before buying theme

i have few queries

  1. does it support elementor
  2. does it support woocommerce
  3. does it support indian payment gateway

How to contact Kenzap privately?

Is there any possible way to submit private feedback to Kenzap?